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Hi! I’m Sam Bombardieri, Founder and Lead Exercise Physiologist at Enhanced Movement Exercise Physiology Brisbane. Our mission is to empower you to take control and live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Take the first step towards improved health with our Free Phone Assessment & Exercise/Treatment Plan. During a 15-minute call, our experts will listen to your concerns, provide instant feedback on your condition & outline a customised treatment/exercise plan tailored to your needs.

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I’m are so confident in the effectiveness of our services that we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your progress after the first three sessions, we will provide a full refund, no questions asked.

How to Get started

Your Simple 3-Step Journey with Brisbanes Leading Exercise Physiologists

$97 Initial Consultation or $39 with Medicare. Save on the Usual $147!

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Schedule your FREE comprehensive appointment with a practitioner to learn how you can begin taking the steps to change your life today.


Complete a detail assessment with a University-Qualified Exercise Physiologist, discuss your goals, your


Receive a detailed, individualised Treatment Plan. Your Treatment Plan will be your Road-Map to eliminate pain, manage your health and achieve your health & fitness goals in a direct and achievable approach.

what does exercise physiology do for you?

Start Your Journey to a Pain Free Life

Enhanced Movement Exercise Physiology Brisbane

Stop Your Pain

Our tailored exercise treatment will alleviate your pain & improve any chronic condition to restore your former self.

Enhanced Movement Exercise Physiology Brisbane

Move & Feel Better

Enjoy Greater Comfort and Mobility, Waking to Sleeping.

Enhanced Movement Exercise Physiology Brisbane

Uncover Your Problem

Our holistic approach means we find the root cause of your issue and treat it once and for all.

Is pain or chronic conditions impacting your life?

Enhanced Movement delivers pain relief, targeted exercise programs & support for mental health.

In-Clinic or at your home, our care transforms your life.

Exercise Physiologist brisbane

Pain Management

Our exercise physiology services focus on pain management, injury management & rehabilitation to address joint pain, back pain, neck pain & chronic pain effectively.

Chronic Health Conditions

Our expertise extends to helping those with chronic health conditions like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, heart conditions & diabetes through targeted exercise programs.

Exercise Physiologist brisbane


Unlock Your Potential with Personalised Exercise Plans under NDIS. Our expert NDIS exercise physiologists craft safe, adaptive programs for enhanced well-being and function.

Aged Care Specialisation

We specialise in exercise physiology for aged care, understanding the unique needs of older adults & providing tailored solutions for falls prevention, balance, strength loss, bone health & mobility.

Mental Health Support

Compassionate care for individuals dealing with mental health challenges like depression, anxiety & schizophrenia, using exercise as a powerful tool for improving mental well-being.

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Is the first consultation really free?

Yes, absolutely! Your first consultation with us is entirely free. It begins with a complimentary 15-minute phone assessment, where we listen to your needs, explain our exercise physiology approach & discuss how we can assist you in your journey.

How much does your exercise physiology cost?

1. Phone Assessment:

CostFree for New Patients
Includes: We begin with a free 20-minute phone call, during which we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current fitness & health status. We also give you a personalised treatment & exercise plan tailored to your unique needs & goals.

2. Initial Consult:

Cost:  $147   $97 for new Patients (or only $39 with a medicare rebate or NDIS funding)
Includes: we will devise a tailored exercise regimen annd get started with the treatment in this session to help you achieve your fitness objectives

3. Followup Consult:

Cost: $140
Includes: we continue with our exercise treatment and adjust the treatment as you progress

Do you have medicare rebates?

Yes! Redeem your $58 on the spot medicare rebate every visit. This brings your out of pocket cost to just $39 for your initial consult.

Do you accept Health Insurance?

Yes. We accept all private health insurances! We swipe your card on the spot with HICAPS, instantly covering a portion of your consult fee. You only pay the remaining amount if applicable!

What is an exercise physiologist, and why should I consult one?

An exercise physiologist is a highly trained healthcare professional specialising in the study of how the human body responds and adapts to physical activity. If you’re seeking to optimise your fitness journey, manage a medical condition or enhance your overall well-being, consulting an exercise physiologist can offer you expert guidance. They possess a deep understanding of the physiological effects of exercise and can tailor exercise programs to your specific needs.

How can an exercise physiologist help me manage a medical condition?

Our Exercise physiologists play a crucial role in assisting individuals with medical conditions through evidence-based exercise programs. By assessing your medical history, current health status & physical capabilities, they can create a tailored exercise regimen that complements your treatment plan. Whether you’re dealing with cardiovascular issues, diabetes, or musculoskeletal disorders, an exercise physiologist can help improve your condition and overall well-being.

What can I expect during my initial consultation with an exercise physiologist?

During your first visit to an exercise physiologist in Brisbane, you can anticipate a thorough assessment of your health history, fitness level & personal goals. This assessment may involve physical measurements, movement evaluations & discussions about your lifestyle. With this information, the exercise physiologist will craft a customised exercise plan that aligns with your objectives, ensuring a safe and effective fitness journey.

Are exercise physiologists only for individuals with medical conditions?

No, our exercise physiologists in Brisbane are not exclusively for individuals with medical conditions. While they excel at creating exercise programs for medical management, they are also invaluable resources for anyone looking to improve their fitness levels, enhance athletic performance or adopt a healthier lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, an exercise physiologist can provide expert guidance to help you reach your goals.

How can an exercise physiologist assist in enhancing athletic performance?

Athletes aiming for peak performance can benefit significantly from the expertise of exercise physiologists. These professionals understand the physiological demands of different sports and can design training regimens that target specific performance goals. Through systematic assessment, personalised training plans & performance tracking, our exercise physiologists can help athletes gain a competitive edge and achieve optimal athletic success.

What conditions can an exercise physiologist help with?

Our Exercise physiologists are equipped to address a wide array of conditions through targeted exercise interventions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular conditions: Exercise programs designed by physiologists can improve heart health, manage hypertension, and support post-cardiac event recovery.
  • Metabolic disorders: Exercise Physiologists can assist individuals with diabetes in managing blood sugar levels and enhancing insulin sensitivity through tailored exercise regimens.
  • Musculoskeletal issues: From back pain to arthritis, exercise can strengthen muscles, improve joint function, and alleviate discomfort.
  • Respiratory challenges: Exercise Physiologists can design breathing exercises and workouts that enhance lung capacity and respiratory efficiency.
  • Mental health concerns: Exercise has proven benefits for mental well-being, and exercise physiologists can create routines that aid in stress reduction and mood enhancement.
How can an exercise physiologist assist in weight management and body composition goals?

Our Exercise physiologists are skilled in designing exercise plans that contribute to weight management and body composition improvements. Through a combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training & nutritional guidance, they can help individuals achieve their desired weight and body fat levels. By tailoring workouts to increase metabolic rate and preserve lean muscle mass, exercise physiologists can provide effective strategies for sustainable weight loss or muscle gain.

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